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I am finanlly getting help for my migraines... I need this :) Meds already, we will see how they work. I am waiting for a MRI appointment... maybe we will find out why I have the stupid things...

*happy dance*
So they did not have to do surgery on my ear... they pulled out the wick that the ER doctor put in (which she obviously did far to roughly considering there was blood on it) and they looked at it, they said that they want to let it go until Wed. and if it is not getting better then I will need to come in again. They put another wick in it and sent me on my way (and this doctor didn't make me scream when her put the wick in). Well today is tuesday and the swelling is way down and it feels soooo much better. But I am still going to find out if I can sue the hotel where I got the infection for not having a clean enough pool. I get to have the wick taken out tomorrow :)

Home again home again....
I am home, glad to be home and very tired... plus I ended up with swimmers ear... this sucks!

Anita Pretty Face
I am moving to New Orleans... and I am starting a new life... case closed.

I am going to New Orleans in August!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!

The contradictions are hilarious...
So a certain person claimed months ago to not be aware of my exsitance, yet I have been notified by certain friends of mine that they still run their mouths about me and they still continue to send me comments and metion me in their posts.... How can I exsit, yet not exsit?? I am amused and somewhat bemused.
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Blinding, throbing, excruciating migraine... It reduced me to a sobbing mess on my livingroom couch from 5am until 8am. Mom brought me some Vicodin which I pray will take it down to a bearable level.

Why is it so hard to find a migraine med that will work??

Apathy Is Fatal! Empower Yourself!

Life is good...
I have two wonderful jobs, I am getting my car in the next couple of weeks, I start school in August and my mom is helping me get a house. I am basically content. ^_^

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