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Jeska Valentine
23 June 1986
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This journal is friends only. Comment to be added. Intelligence required. dumbass bitches need not apply.

I am a 22 year old, practicing pagan. I have red dyed hair and Blue/green eyes. I stand 5'2 and enjoy playing tennis and snowboarding. I have some very important rules, don't hurt my friends or family or you have to deal with me, if you don't like me, don't talk to me cause you are just a waste of my time. I just would like to point out that you can talk about me all you want, the people who matter already know the truth about me, just a warning though... I am a vindictive little bitch so be prepared for me to fight back and probably make you cry.

I work two full time jobs at the moment, so I don't have alot free time. What free time I do have is given to my friends, the people I care about and the boy I love. I am going to be moving to seattle next fall for school.

I don't belong to a label, and I wear whatever the hell I want to wear. Yes, I still wear "goth" style clothing once in a blue moon, and I am still friends with my old co-workers at Hot Topic... I believe you should wear what you feel comfortable in and not what others expect you to wear.

I miss my best GUY friend, he is overseas right now... the Army. I love him so much and it is Hell without him. Congrats on the birth of Conner!!!

I spend most of my free time wit my friends and family, mess wit them and I will hurt you.

Loves to all my peeps,


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Too tight shirts and slashed up jeans,
These are a few of her favorite things,
Dark purple hair and blackest of black lips,
And big silver chains wrapped all 'round her wrists.
You stare in horror at the scars that she bares,
I bet you wonder how they got there,
She hates her parents and she hates you,
There's nothing you can make her do.
But you'd never know from the way that she'd stare,
The pain that she feels and the tears never there,
She locks it all away up inside,
And hides behind the decieving pride.
Jeska Lee Valentine

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